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Fear, Rejection + A Wedding Photographer… Fear, Rejection + A Wedding Photographer... (...and how to overcome it!)      Hey boo! It's time for another personal post! The type of blog post where I get all sappy, happy,... READ MORE Online Client Photo Galleries For Photographers | Hey, besites!   Wait? Can I call you a best yet? Is it too early? I'm not sure, but I am starting to feel as though we have become best friends recently and for the sake of today's post... READ MORE Grand Rapids City Flats Hotel Events Department Staff Photos Grand Rapids City Flats Hotel Event Staff Photos   Hey friends!   I hope that you're having a fantastic summer so far! I know that I am! Today's post is a little different! You s... READ MORE Confessions Of A Single Mom and Entrepreneur (Mompreneur) Confessions Of A Single Mom and Entrepreneur (Mompreneur) (why yes, I did watch "13 Reasons Why")     Hello, friends on the interweb!   Today I am feeling compelled ... READ MORE Meet Harmony Our Extremely Fabulous Intern | Ludington Michigan Wedding + Family Photographer   Hey everyone! I'm Harmony, and today I am taking over Kendra's blog! I am so happy to speak with all of you and give a little back story about me and how Kendra and I started working ... READ MORE Let’s Chat About Self Care For Creatives and Entrepreneurs Hey friends, Today we're talking about taking a break! Oh, how we need to make time for our bodies and mind!   I recently took a 2-week absence from all things social media and man I ... READ MORE That One Time I Almost ‘Met’ Jasmine Star Y'all JASMINE STAR!!!! Blogging world, friends, fam, and universe let me tell you the amazingness that just transpired! Today I almost keyword ALMOST went live with one of my all-time photographer ... READ MORE The Shoji Family In Home Family Sessions | Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer Hey everyone!   So today's post is a little offbeat!   Not only am I posting a family session (super rare) but its also a best friend session. You see the Shoji's son; Ray is... READ MORE 6 Things To Know Before Booking Your Wedding Photographer 6 Things To Know Before Booking Your Wedding Photographer Guide Hey, lovely brides and grooms to be! When it comes to looking for the perfect wedding photographer, it can be stressful! So, we cre... READ MORE Why I Travel With My Son…. Why I Travel With My Son... Let me start off by saying that traveling is NOT EASY! And once you add in a baby to mix of long lines, flight delays and plane rides, it sometimes takes a toll on t... READ MORE
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