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Meet Cas owner of Willow & Ivy Design a wedding coordinator based out of Boscobel Wisconsin. Willow & Ivy Design has been in the wedding planning business since 2017. They have diversified so much since its establishment in 2017. Outside of their plant, flower, and event life, they also launched a personal and professional development business in 2023, called The L.E.A.D. Collective, and have dabbled in business coaching/mentorship, and public speaking.

What made you become a wedding coordinator?

My love for plants began in my high school botany class, which led me to pursue a degree in horticulture and business. After college, I dabbled in many jobs to find the best fit, and fell into a grocery store floral position. I fell in love with the industry- but not corporate work- and set out to launch my own business. I also got married during this time and began to understand the need in rural Southwest, Wisconsin, for quality wedding vendors.

What wedding planning services do you offer and who do you offer it to?

 Our business has evolved greatly over the years. We started as a full-service floral and gift studio, but have now settled into the offerings of our full-service floral studio including daily deliveries, our plant boutique offering an array of fun houseplants, and our event services-coordination, set ups, tear downs, room flips, specializing in weddings.

What do you love most about being a wedding coordinator? 

In the floral world, I love that I get to express emotion through our art. With our plants, I consider my job “green therapy” every day. There’s just something about getting your hands in the soil that awakens the soul. When it comes to our event services, I am so fulfilled to give others the best days of their lives. It feels great to share joy through this work.

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Where are you located and what do you love about the location?  

We are located in Boscobel, Wisconsin which is in the Southwest region of the state. The landscape is beautiful with the rivers and bluffs, but I am truly grateful for all of the opportunities I have in such a rural area.

Tell all about your team and what you love about working together!  

Our team is very minimal! I am the only full-time employee, and I do have a wonderful assistant. I am fortunate to also have a high school student working on his apprenticeship with us. Our other event staff works on an as-needed basis. I love that our crew is so aligned and driven.

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Any tips you would like to offer for couples planning their event? 

 Things will ALWAYS go wrong at your event, but if you have the right team of vendors, you will never know! I also tell my couples to slow down on their wedding day, to take it all in. The day goes by in an instant.

Tell me all about your favorite event that you’ve worked on. What it looked like, how you felt, themes, and anything else you can remember. 

 It’s hard to pick a favorite since so many have different aspects that we love. I think all of our favorites are those events that are flower-forward with impact, installations, and unique color palettes. At those weddings we normally also coordinate the event, so it adds another layer of fun and immersion. Sometimes the people are most memorable! Our top events include a lush, romantic wedding on the bluffs of the Mississippi, an all-blue tone event with every structure covered in florals, and a moody/witchy vibe wedding with draping greens and rich earth and berry tones at a vineyard.

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Willow & Ivy Design Wedding Reviews

 From Rachel: Flowers- I was never someone who really believed in the “hype” of having real flowers at a wedding. I thought I would just get fake flowers and call it a day. I’m glad oi didn’t. From day one, Cas knew exactly what I wanted and she knew the vibe I was going for. They knocked this all out of the park– They got the colors and vibe perfect, and they made my bouquet so beautiful that I had to put it in resin to keep it forever. I could also tell that they were excited to work on the wedding with us. Given that it was a dark wedding and different from the norm. It was such a relief to be paired with a business that “gets it”.

Coordination- If you are on the fence about hiring a coordinator, do it!!! Especially if it’s with Cas. She took the time to listen to me, and she made it a point to make sure things were what “I” wanted. She had an apprentice with her who was also incredible, and it was great to see they both cared very, very much about our day going smoothly. They made it so i could be fully present on our big day. Which is worth more than words can describe. When she got there, I will tell you it was a million pounds lifted off my shoulders for the day. She was a lifesaver. And I will forever be grateful. There aren’t many people I “vibe” with, and she’s one of them. Not many people could say that they would love to hang out with their coordinator, but I am one of them. She’s terrific.

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Looking for a wedding coordinator in Boscobel?

Check out Willow & Ivy Design if you’re getting married in Boscobel Wisconsin

Phone: 608-375-0875
Email: willowandivydesign@gmail.com
Website: www.willowandivydesign.com
Facebook: @willowandivydesign
Instagram: @willowandivydesign
TikTok: @willowandivydesign

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