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Meet Maria owner of Margi Events a wedding planner with over 15 years of experience in Cuveglio Italy! Margi Events goal is to create an emotional experience that everyone will carry in their hearts and minds forever. How does she do it? With flavours, scents, and colors but, above all, with attention to people. In this historical moment, she believes it is the most important thing: making the spouses and guests feel good, having fun, and creating indelible memories.

What made you become a wedding planner? 

The world of weddings has always been part of my life. Since I was a child I played with Barbie and Ken, married them, and invited the other dolls to the party. After many years, I realized that dream

What wedding planning services do you offer?

 I offer a total wedding organization service, partial organization, direction of the day, and consultancy, to married couples who want help and support in organizing their most beautiful day

What do you love most about being a wedding planner? 

I love the relationship with people. The relationship that is created while I accompany them on the path that leads them to marriage. It’s a beautiful journey in which I tiptoe into their lives and thank them for the trust they give me

Where are you located and what do you love bout the location? 

 I am in the province of Varese, on Lake Maggiore. The beauty of these places and the scenography make the wedding an unforgettable event. Historic villas, castles, islands on the lake, boat rides for the newlyweds, romantic atmosphere. If you want to live a dream, this is the right place.

Tell me all about your team and what you love about working together!  

Yes, I have an established team that I work with. Each person gives a plus to Margi Events with their own personality and expertise. It is thanks to all of them that every event leaves an emotional memory that remains over time

Any tips you would like to offer for couples planning their event?  

My advice is to contact a professional who knows how to guide them and accompany them step by step. It is not easy to organize a wedding independently, especially for destination weddings, because there are many aspects to consider and evaluate carefully. For a memorable event to be such, it must be organized in an excellent way, without the spouses becoming stressed. I am always available to do a free video call to explain all these aspects.

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Tell me all about your favorite event that you’ve worked on. What it looked like, how you felt, themes, and anything else you can remember.  

All the weddings I have worked on have left a beautiful memory in my heart because they tell people’s stories. Every couple is different and, consequently, every wedding is different. Since I have to choose one, I’ll tell you about a German/Spanish couple. Two beautiful boys: she is German, he is Argentinian. Two very different people in culture, character, and traditions. Yet the strength of love united them. They got married on a warm Saturday in October, with a beautiful ceremony in the woods. The symbolic ceremony was designed in 3 languages: Italian, German, and Spanish. There were almost 150 guests from all over the world, the groom had 15 groomsmen and the bride had 5 bridesmaids. The reception took place in a beautiful historic villa on Lake Maggiore with good Italian food, total white floral arrangements, and lots of fun. We created special moments for guests, respecting the two cultures. We involved a mariachi group to surprise the groom’s guests and a DJ who played Latin music. It was a wonderful wedding that I will always carry in my mind and heart. How did I feel? Excited, excited but above all ready to handle any unexpected event because I had assured the couple that it would be a perfect wedding and so it was. They trusted me and I still thank them today

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 I like to give unique moments. The aim of Margi Events is to create an emotional experience that everyone will carry in their hearts and minds forever. How do I do it? With flavours, scents, colors but, above all, with attention to people. In this historical moment, I believe it is the most important thing: making the spouses and guests feel good, having fun and creating indelible memories. – Maria

Margi Events Wedding Reviews

I have many and I’m happy to share some of them. Thanks to Maria and her team our wedding day was absolutely amazing, beautiful, and perfect! From the beginning, she gave us that feeling that all couples are looking for in a wedding planner(calmness, security that everything will be fine as planned). The organization for the whole day went just great. Maria has an eye for every detail, and helped us realize all our wishes, she is just the best! All our guests coming from all over the world mentioned that our wedding was an absolute DREAM WEDDING!! Fiona and Diego Thank you Maria for making our dream come true! You understood perfectly what we wanted and you made it even more beautiful than we had imagined!! Maria was fantastic and with great kindness and helpfulness she accompanied us every step of the way until the big day, which she managed perfectly! Anna e Riccardo 17-06-23

Thanks for a fabulous day A heartfelt thank you to Maria who accompanied us until the wedding day with enthusiasm and professionalism! For a beautiful and unforgettable day, transform it into a real fairy tale: flowers, atmosphere and setup as desired! Thank you, thank you, thank you – Rosy and Janick 01-07-23

A fairy tale I was looking for a wedding planner because not being at all suited to organizing a similar event, I contacted Maria. From the first phone call, a bond was immediately created. She supported and advised us in the best way, she gave us the calm and security that our day would be wonderful, and so it was! It was a blast! The suppliers she recommended to us were truly super! Maria is calm and impeccably organized! Everything went smoothly, there were no hitches because Maria is super! Thank you Maria for giving us a fairy tale! Desy Paolo 10-09-23

The Wedding Planner of heart and heart! Among many, we chose Maria for her empathy and open gaze. We followed an intense journey together full of dreams, projects, and desires that little by little took shape. She was very present and attentive at all times. We will miss everything about that time spent together, even the chats, the confidence, and the laughter. There were also obstacles, anxieties, and small tensions that Maria always faced with determination and professionalism. Our wedding day, only due to the weather, was not perfect, but for everything else, it was amazing and unforgettable. After all, we weren’t looking for perfection but rather joy and there was a lot of joy that day! Thank you Mary from the bottom of my heart and from the heart that when you want you can also do some magic! Sabrina e Max 24-05-23

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A note from Margi Events

This is a job of great responsibility. The bride and groom entrust you with the most beautiful day of their lives and you must earn their trust. This is why I always study and try to improve myself every day: to give excellence to those who rely on me and Margi Events. Precisely for this reason, I became certified as a professional wedding planner which, to date, is the highest level that can be obtained in this profession.

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