Downtown Chicago Engagement Pictures

Hey y’all! Today I am blogging about a beautiful engagement session in downtown Chicago with Daniel & Malise!

How did they meet?

Meet the amazing couple, Malise and Daniel! These two lovebirds crossed paths during the wild times of the pandemic, but guess what? They not only survived but blossomed into an extraordinary love story! This super cute couple found love amid all the chaos of the pandemic. Malise and Daniel went from the world of online dating to the windy city of Chicago, creating a tale filled with love, laughter, and just a sprinkle of magic.

The First Date

Where was their first date? Oh, it was a drive to remember! Despite the lockdown hurdles, Malise took charge and invited Daniel on a special adventure. They cruised all the way to Indiana for a Korean BBQ escapade. It wasn’t just about the food – it was about the thrill, the spontaneity, and the extra mile they were willing to go for each other. A choice that sets the stage for a relationship built on shared experiences and the joy of discovering new things together.

The Proposal

And then comes the proposal! A year into their journey, right in the midst of birthday celebrations, Daniel popped the big question. What a surprise, right? Just like their love story – full of unexpected turns.

Malise adores Daniel’s easy-going nature, and he values her for who she is. Together, they embrace each other’s authenticity, creating a beautiful partnership. They thrive on new experiences, turning every day into an adventure, from exciting escapades to quiet moments of bliss.

The Engagement Pictures

Fast forward to their downtown Chicago engagement session – a cloudy day that made the perfect backdrop for their love-filled photoshoot. Against the iconic Wrigley Building and along the charming Riverwalk, Malise and Daniel laughed, reminisced, and shared intimate moments. The city witnessed it all – the unfolding chapters of their beautiful love story.

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