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On the blog today, we are featuring Forever & Always Event Planning, a company based in Portage, Michigan. Brooke Simmons, the owner, has been planning unforgettable events for more than two years. Her journey in the industry has been amazing, ranging from Kalamazoo to downtown Detroit.

In this blog post, we will introduce you to Brooke, the amazing person behind Forever & Always Event Planning. You will learn about her unique perspective on event planning, her commitment to creating seamless experiences, and her genuine passion for her business.

Brooke will also share insights into her creative process, the invaluable support of her team, and the joy of being a part of life’s most cherished celebrations.

So, let’s get into it y’all!

Portage Michigan Wedding Planner

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your business?

A: My name is Brooke Simmons, and I am the proud founder of Forever & Always Event Planning LLC. Based in Portage, MI, I’ve been in the event planning business for over two years now. Forever & Always offers a range of services, specializing in wedding planning, but extending to corporate events, birthday parties, retirements, and more.

Q: What inspired you to dive into the world of event planning?

A: Well, let’s just say the 9-5 life wasn’t my jam. I needed to be up and about, using my creative energy with purpose. With my ‘type A’ personality, event planning, especially weddings, felt like the perfect fit. Plus, with a little one joining the family in August 2023, the 9-5 gig just wouldn’t cut it. I wanted a job that dances to my schedule. It’s all about showing my future kiddos that dreams are worth chasing.

Q: What services does Forever & Always offer, and who’s your main crowd?

A: We’ve got a lineup of services, from Full Event Planning (weddings, corporate gigs, birthdays – you name it), to Day of Coordination, Decorating & Set Up, and Rental Decor. While engaged couples are our main squeeze, we’re always up for planning any kind of party!

Q: What’s the best part of your job?

A: Being the secret sauce to someone’s big day! Whether it’s keeping the schedule tight, solving family dramas, or just having a snack ready in the bridal suite after the ceremony – those little moments make all the difference. I’m honored to be their go-to person.

Q: Where are you located, and what do you love about your location?

A: I’m proudly based in Kalamazoo, but the beauty is, I’ll party anywhere! I’ve got a soft spot for elopement weddings. Kalamazoo’s diversity is incredible – fancy ballroom in the city or a rustic barn in the boonies, you’ve got it all. I love the peaceful countryside vibe while still having the city buzz a short drive away for a fun night out.

Q: Tell us about your team and the dynamics of working together.

A: Team Forever & Always is top-notch! They really stepped up when I had a baby in the middle of wedding season. Note to future self: maybe don’t do that again. During my maternity leave, they handled the responsibility like absolute champs. My assistant coordinators are synced up from the get-go, monitoring progress and notes right from booking. As we gear up for the big day, they seamlessly tag into meetings with clients, ensuring everyone’s on the same page. When the wedding day rolls around, they step in without skipping a beat!

Q: Any advice for couples planning their event?

A: When stress hits, hire a coordinator – seriously! But in all seriousness, when you hit that planning funk (and you will), take a breather. Reminisce on the proposal magic, that bubbling joy, and excitement. Remember why you’re getting married – it’s not about the fluff but the love between you two. Enjoy the process because, trust me, it’ll fly by!

Q: Share the details on your favorite event you’ve worked.

A: The Treasury in Detroit, MI, takes the cake. First big event, almost 300 guests, and some early morning shuttle chaos. But with my magic touch and attention to detail, I sorted it out before 10 am! The rest of the day? Pure magic. I still grin thinking about the relief on the bride and groom’s faces. They enjoyed their day, and their guests had wheels to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’. Events throw surprises, and having someone to handle those hiccups is the best decision you’ll make!

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Forever & Always Event Planning Wedding Reviews

“ I especially loved that Brooke worked closely with my daughter and her fiance to plan the wedding they wanted to have and helped keep them accountable to make decisions such as the guest list, the invitation wording, the decor. Having her be the one to work with them really helped avoid stress and maintain good relationships with family. On the day of the wedding I (bride’s mom) simply enjoyed the day! She is a treasure. Highly recommended!”
Name – “Stephanie Somers”

“Her attention to detail was mind-blowing. She thought of things we would have never even considered, ensuring that every aspect of our wedding was flawless. From the big picture to the tiniest details, she had it all covered.”
Name – “Haley Wehner”

“Brooke & her team were prepared on wedding day with items such as tide pens and crochet hooks to bustle my dress. When my glass welcome sign shattered prior to guests arriving, they didn’t hesitate to find new supplies and recreate it beautifully. I would use this group again and again!”
Name – “Kelly Gottschall”

“Having Brooke there to communicate and coordinate with all of our vendors took so much stress off of us and allowed us to really be fully present and enjoy the day knowing that everything was in expert hands. She was so professional, organized, and a fast and clear communicator and went above and beyond coming in early to decorate. We couldn’t have imagined a better day, largely because of Forever and Always Event Planning.”
Name- “Hope Baldwin”

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