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I Believe In You, The Real Question Is, Do you?It’s Time To Start Believing In You! 

It's Time To Start Believing In You!

I sent this EXACT email to my email list the other day and I figured I would share it here with you! I know this is super diffrent from my usualt content but I know that some one else needs to hear this!

It’s Time To Start Believing In You! 

When people we love win we stand and cheer them on, shout their names from the rooftop with our waving hands in the air! Our friends go through rough patches in their life or mess up, and we extend them love, grace, and forgiveness. So my question for you dear friend are you do the same thing for yourself? 

No, we are not focusing on how people are cheering you on right now; I want to know if you are your biggest cheerleader! Are you in the stand with your hands waving in the air shouting how proud you are of yourself? Are extending yourself the same love, grace, and forgiveness that you would a loved one that’s going through a rough patch? 

 No one I mean no one should be cheering for you louder than YOU! You know every aspect of your journey, how many sleepless nights you’ve had, the hours you’ve worked, the marketing you’ve done but for some dang reason, you keep counting yourself out! Learn to forgive, show grace, and believe in yourself and start ditching those habits that are costing you money and sanity! 

There will come a time where people will not always support you or your efforts, and that’s okay! However, we as business owners cannot always seek outside validation. Stop looking at the number of followers and likes as a sign that you’re on the right track. As we saw a week ago, those number can EASILY disappear! Yes, it’s one hell of a feeling to know that other people like our style, work ethic, etc. but no one is required to give us that validation so start giving that validation to yourself! 

When you sign up for entrepreneurship, then you need to understand that you have signed up for a lifelong journey of bettering yourself, not just for you but for the people/community around you! It’s not easy, and some days it feels near impossible, but if you start extending yourself the love and grace you need you will come out wiser in the end! 

 I want you to start treating yourself like you would one of your best friends! If you wouldn’t dare talk down to one of your friends, then don’t do it yourself! Work hard, be honest with yourself and most of all own your stuff and make it better/do better/be better because you; my dear friend, deserve the best this life has to offer and then some!

With Love, 

Kendra Lynece 

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