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Is Blogging Dead?

I am currently sitting on an Amtrak train heading from Grand Rapids to Chicago and I started thinking about a question I’ve been asked over and over again in numerous different ways if “Do people even read blog posts anymore?” And since you’re here reading this post I am going to say yes, yes they do boo!

Blogging isn’t as cool as it once was and I will forever agree with that sentiment however blogging is actually a passive marketing strategy. How so? Well, your content actually becomes searchable content for Google and so people can stumble on your blog posts, galleries and etc. via the search engine. So think about it you blog it once and the wonderful Google universe keeps pulling up your work when someone searches for that particular key phrase or topic. Yay for SEO! Thanks to blogging I havee had couples, creatives and all sorts of people come across my post!

I also use blogposts as a way to draw traction from social media back to my website. I’ve said it once social media isn’t the end all be all of marketing. You have to start directing people to a place or platform that you control your website/blog. Not to mention sharing blog posts on social media will help to diversify your content as well.

If you have no idea where to start with blogging or even SEO you should reach out to one of my close friend and mentors Teshorn Jackson! He actully helped break SEO down for me in such a simple way – but he WILL give you plenty of homework so please be prepared for that!

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