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I love to read! Growing up I would read any and everything I could get my hamds on and my amazing mother saw my passion for reading and would buy me books all of the time! I remember sitting on our front porch on Clancy during the hot summer vacation and reading R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps! My friends down a few houses down would call me boring but there was nothing I wanted to more than to read. I honestly believe I read most of the books in the Goosebumps series actually!

I still love to read even to this day! I recently just reread Jen Sincero’sYou Are A Badass” and let me tell you friends it is a MUST READ! I am all for anything, and everything that will make me own my shit (good and bad) and this book does exactly that! Jen attacked the lies (what I thought we’re beliefs) I was telling myself and forced to me view life and myself in a different light. This book doesn’t have to be for people in business; it’s great for anyone who wants to start getting real with themselves and manifesting the life they always dreamed of having.

You Are A Badass has to be one of my favorite self-help book hand freaking down!

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