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My son and light of my life Ayden

Open Letter To Ayden!

Being a mother isn’t easy! There are nights I don’t sleep because I am worried about your bad cough or fever! I most of my thoughts sound like.” Did I teach you something today, did I give you enough green…oh shoot I forgot to give you your dang vitamins again! Ugh, get it together mom! How many times were you in time…ugh I forgot to..” I don’t always stop myself, in fact, Ayden sometimes you stop my endless doubt or second-guessing simply by flashing those sweet pearly whites at me! It always amazes me how a quick smile or an unexpected hug from you can make me feel whole!

I watch you grow, learn and try something new every single day and I am so unbelievably proud of you! I am so honored the be called your mom Ayden! I love you beyond measure and I cannot wait to see where this wonderful life take you and your kind spirit!

Yay for being a boy mom and photographer!

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