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Dear Brides Looking for a Wedding Photographer:
I know that you’re for the best person to document your wedding day! I mean this is a once in a lifetime event so making sure you hire the right photographer is imperative. However, I’d love to take a minute and let you know how to make your experience better. Generally speaking, wedding photographers are in the business of love. Documenting the union of two amazing people, and is an honor we photographers don’t take lightly.

So in order to enhance your experience and ensure wedding planning keeping going smoothly, here are a few tips to ensure your wedding photographer has everything s/he needs to capture your special day.
    1. Research, Research, RESEARCH!

I know wedding planning Take the time to find a photographer who not just fits in your budget, but also embodies your aesthetic vision.
    2. Communication is key!
Take the time to drop your wedding photographer an email outlining the progress of your wedding planning even before your timeline is finalized. Sharing special details, decor designs and asking for feedback regarding the layout of the day helps keep your photographer up to date and informed. Don’t hesitate to be proactive with your questions to ensure everyone is on the same page.
    3. Get Your Timline In Early
If a photographer gets the timeline a few days before wedding, it can lead to frustration and major confusion. Ask your photographer how long s/he will need for photos and together you can draft a timeline that balances the portraits and the partying. Plus the earlier you get your timeline done the more time it leaves you to make any necessary adjustments. (please leave a 5-10min as a buffer).
    4. TRUST the photographer you hired!
Pintrest is great for inspiration, share your pin board with your photographer but please remember that you hired that photographer for a reason. So the key is to trust that your wedding photographer will document your wedding day in the most flattering way.
    5. Breathe + Adapt. 
Things WILL go wrong on a wedding day! It honestly never fails! Makeup runs late, the flower girl lost her right shoe, the officiant or limo driver got stuck in traffic. You can choose to let these things ruin your day (and your photos…brides who are angry look angry in their photographs, even if they’re trying to smile), or you can choose to believe the wedding will ultimately end well. Because wedding days always do if you let them!

advice from the amazing J*

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