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Tips For Including Your Dogs In Your Engagement Photos!

I often get asked if it would be a problem if a couple includes their dogs in their engagement session! The answer will forever be NO! You’re getting ready to celebrate the next chapter of your life and honestly it may not be the same to you if you can’t bring them along! I mean they’re apart of your family after all! Why not bring them along to celebrate with you!

In order to make the session go smoothly I’ve included a few tips that will help you prepare for furry friends for your engagement session.

our humans are getting married,
Our human are getting married!

5 Tips For Including Your Dogs In Your Engagement Photos!

  1. Bring a third person to help watch and play with the dogs during the session.
  2. Take them for a walk before the session to get some of the energy out! I like to try and start the session including the dogs, so then they have time to run around and play.
  3. Be mindful of the locations that you choose! Make sure when you pick the location for your engagement session it’s dog-friendly with plenty of space.
  4. Bring treats! You may have to bribe them with their favorite snacks over and over again!
  5. If you chose to use props and signs practices put them on and letting them wear them at home. That way they are comfortable and not fighting you as you put them on!
Winter Engagement Session in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Engagement session at park in Detroit Michigan.
Including this sweet fur baby from a wedding at Mountain Laurel Farm in Atlanta, Georgia

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