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Advice to my younger self: “Own your vulnerability and your shit boo….

and let karma handle the rest.”

to my younger self, advice to my younger self, advice to a young photographer

I’ve been afraid to network and create friendships in the wedding photography industry because a few photographers have “burned me.” I am an open book, and I also have a big heart! When I learn something new, I love to share and help others, but I had to learn and(still have to learn) that not everyone comes into my life with the best intentions. Honestly, I needed to learn how to adapt, and own my vulnerability and be okay with that!

However, I would be lying if I said that I fixed how open-hearted I am overnight! I didn’t! I’ve dealt with a similar situation fairly recently as well, and that’s okay! I’m not angry, hurt or even sad about it! Why? Well boo, I am no longer using these bad experiences with other photographers as an excuse not to befriend and network with others! I just have to constantly remind myself that not everyone has the same heart as me! And that’s okay! Sometimes we have to just meet people where they are in life and if you can’t walk away!

So I took a chance, walked away from all of my excuses and I’ve friended so many different photographers and creatives! I have even made a few lifelong friendship!

Please y’all stop limiting yourself over what one person (or a few people) have done!

If someone has decided to use you, walk away, LEARN FROM IT (legit own your shit boo)and keep your head high. Karma will handle that later!

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