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Three Things To do today To Improve Your Images Before Your Next Session!


Okay, friends, I have a few people reaching out asking me when I am going to post more photography tips! First off let me say I’m sorry boo! Ya girl has been doing the travel photographer life and blogging has taken a back seat. Okay, that sound far glamorous than I meant it too…trust me I’ve just been super tired.


Let’s Dive In!


Expose/Shoot for skin tones

When you are trying to get the perfect exposure in camera for your subject; learn to expose not for the whole scene, but for their skin tone. You will expose not for the highlights or shadows on their face but in between the two. In order for me to skin tones down, I practiced not only on people but teddy bears, dolls whatever I could find to mimic skin tones I used.


Back Button Focus

Okay so you’re shooting in manual, and you’re entirely in control of your exposure but what about your focus? When you back button focus you have far more control over your camera’s focusing capabilities. You no longer have to manually focus your images, or refocus with every single frame. Simply, turn on your spot metering, and back button focus and watch the magic happen.



Seriously boo play with the way you from the image! I to this day still play a round with composition and framing. Shoot close, far away, high, low fil your frame! Look play with leading lines just get creative and have fun! Don’t forget the rule of thirds and learn that to a T so when you break the rules you’re breaking them on purpose!


I hope that this helps and if you have anyyy more questions please feel free to reach out and let me know! I am here to help you learn and grow anyway I can!

Kendra Lynece

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