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Ludington State Park Beach Couple Photos


Hey friends!

Do you remember Harmony? If you have not, check out the post all about her HERE! I had the honor of photographing Harmony + Josiah during a sunrise session at Ludington State Park Beach. Let me add y’all, I photographed a stunning wedding the day before at Lewis Orchards in New Era and was slightly exhausted. But for real, it was a beautiful foggy morning, and I couldn’t ask for a better early morning post-wedding wake-up call.


Harmony + Josiah

Harmony and Josiah met in the church’s nursery at some point when they were younger. Their families knew each other well, and when Harmony’s family moved to a different town, they were reacquainted when they were teenagers. Josiah and his family would come up for conferences and other events that were taking place at Harmony’s church. Finally, Josiah’s youth group began coming to Harmony’s churches summer camp; they got the chance to get know one another. The summer of 2013 Josiah told Harmony that he liked her, and they have been together ever since.

“Our love story may be different from others. We were dating in high school, but we never went to the same high school, the same church, never had the same friends or got to spend time with each other as other couples did. Instead, we were over 200 miles away for the past six years. I would go to visit him when I could throughout the year. After graduating high school I went even further away to get my associates degree in Wisconsin. For the first time in our relationship after being long distance for six years, this is the first summer we have ever spent together. Or within the same county as each other, honestly, and it has been amazing. That makes these pictures even more special to celebrate our first summer at the beach not being long distance ❤️” – Harmony


For real y’all this foggy day at Ludington State Park Beach filled my heart with pure joy!

Aren’t these two love-birds are adorable?! 

The fact that I was able to photograph another Ludington wedding and portrait photographer makes me so happy!  

Michigan has some amazing lighthouses y’all,  and this is no exception! 

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