Michigan, Wedding Photography

 Wanted: Newly Engaged Couples for a free and fun engagement session!

We are looking for new couples of all different backgrounds (race, shapes, sizes, religions and sexual orientation)  who want fun and romantic style photos!

All you have to do is fill in the contact form below!!

Bonus points if you tag another engaged bride to be or post a picture of your engagement ring! AYE!!

I promise I will get back to you soon! !

*(Please note that there may be a travel fee depending on your location)
You must be okay with us sharing these images on our website and social media channels! (And willing to sign a contract) Also, you must be willing to let us experiment with some new ideas.


Good Luck to all you happy engaged couple’s! This would be an incredible opportunity to win! Kendra looks to have such an incredible eye for detail 😍 So hopeful and excited for the chance to get engagement shots with my love muffin ❤️ How fun!

Best of luck to everyone! And congratulations!!

Great luck to all candidates

Good luck to everyone!

So excited and I hope we win!!! But, good luck to all couples and congrats on your engagements!!

This will be a big surprise if we win!!!

We’re so excited! 🙂

Good luck everyone ❤

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