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Meet Ashley Izquierdo A Tampa, Florida + NYC Wedding Photographer

Y’all meet my boo thang Ashely Izquierdo! I met her in a facebook group/community called The Rising Tide Society! And let me tell you this lady has a drive and determination that is mind-blowing y’all! So I asked this Tampa Florida + NYC Destination Wedding Photographer a few questions so let’s get this party started!

Q+ A With Ashely Izquierdo

How did you get into weddings?

After my wedding photography experience left me empty and a little bitter because my photography NEVER tried to connect to her on a personal level. The photographer I had was strictly transactional, and I love people and getting to know them so I felt that if I were to get into wedding photography I would be able to offer something different and unique experience with my wedding photography experience.

Do you have a favorite wedding venue?

The Rialto Theater in Tampa Florida – a lot of venues are golf and barns, this venue is very historic to Tampa and offers something different than the usual barn and farm theme.

How did you get into destination wedding photography?

I got lucky! A lot of my clients I met here in Tampa and they wanted to fly me out to other places.

Favorite destination wedding location?

Iceland! Iceland all day!!! It was just wide open land and so free from the city life. View her Iceland blog post HERE!

You can check out Ashley’s work here:
Website: http://www.ashleyizquierdo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ashleyizphoto/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashley_izquierdo/

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