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A Shocking Phone Call With A Bride, Shocking Phone Call With A Bride

A Shocking Phone Call With A Bride

Last night I was I was on the phone with a bride, and the conversation is one that I will NEVER forget! This bride Tamarra told me all about her wedding plans, some of the major issues she’s been having and how she had to switch wedding venues because the venue she booked would not be rebuilt in time. My heart truly felt for her, and she was like “oh no, we just moved our wedding to the Virgin Islands.”

But hold on boo, the story doesn’t end there….

I asked her how she found me and it was from another fab client I photographed her son’s senior photos, and she told her about me! Shout out to the lovely Janene, thanks boo!! Tamarra also told me when she and her mom were on their way to Caribana in Toronto, Canada (Caribana is a celebration of Caribbean heritage) she was showing her mom my work and she was like you don’t know her? Confused Tamarra said no Janene told me about her and how much she liked working with her. Tamarra’s mom then said, “Tamarra she’s your cousin!” After Tamarra repeated to me what her mom had said; my head was spinning! She started talking about my grandfather who was her great uncle, how my aunt helped her make her bridesmaid proposal box…I was dang near in tears. Why? Well, I haven’t said much about my granddad, but he is why I got into photography in the first place. But that’s a story for another day! 
Just when you think you’re marketing efforts are going unnoticed you get a phone call from a bride that also happens to be your cousin! I think this is a sign that great things are coming in the near future.
Now I need to make it a conscious effort to head to Caribana next year and the US Virgin Islands asap!

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