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Today friends we’re talking business!

I’m spilling the beans on my top 7 photographer business tools and resources! Why? Well, the other day someone asked me what I tools and resources I use to help me run my wedding photography business. Now I was a little taken back by this question. Not because I didn’t know that answer, but because it made me realize how much we as photographers actually keep to ourselves! I honestly do not have not a dang thing to hide! I would much rather share what I’ve learned with the world than keep it bottled up. With that being said, here are my top 7 photographer business tools and resources that help me run my wedding photography business (on the back end).


Top 7 Photographer Business Tools + Resources


  1. Photo Mechanic – Holy french fries y’all Photo Mechanic is so dang simple, and I can cull an entire 8-hour wedding in 45minutes or less! SAY WHAT?! Gone are the days when it would take me 3 hours to cull thanks to this super fantastic program! Friends they have a free trial, so you can try it before you buy it. { Receive 15% off with discount/coupon code: ENGAGED2018 }
  2. Adobe Lightroom – from batch editing all the way to SEO lightroom has been a stable in my business for years! I hardly edit in photoshop thanks to Lightroom! Adobe offers a free Lightroom trial and a subscription for only $10 a month.
  3. BlogStomp – Once again another huge time saver! You can quickly and easily ‘stomp’ your images with your logo and text and have them ready and optimized for your blog and social media. Not only that but you can also everything set to import directly to your blog! AYEEEE!
  4. AlbumStomp – When it comes to designing custom wedding albums this was a game changer for me! Instead of designing an album for 5 hours I can literally do an entire album in an hour (or less) yayyy!!!
  5. Dubsado – If you missed my entire break down of why I am freaking loving Dubsado you can check out the blog post HERE! But in short, Dubsado is a CRM system that keeps track of clients, contracts, forms, invoices and your schedule! { Use discount code kendralynece to receive 20% off your first year }
  6. Planoly – Scheduling posts on Instagram made simple! Now I can get a week or months worth of posts done asap! Can we say Amen to the social media gods? Okay, that maybe a tad bit dramatic but mannnn is it a time saver! Not only that but you still have to approve the post, so it doesn’t go against  Instagram’s algorithm.
  7. Grammarly – Grammar and I are not always the best of friends! But this program makes checking my grammar a breeze y’all! Grammarly also sends you weekly progress reports highlighting what you did right and what you can improve on!

There you have it boo! 

Most if not all of these tools on this list help save me time! Y’all with only 24 hours in a day and being a mother I need all the time that I can get! So I will always invest in programs that are easy to use and same me time. Time saved also means more cuddles with my favorite little human right?
* If your having trouble focusing try the app Focus Keeper on IOS and Apple!


Thank you these are very helpful I am just starting out and always looking for tips to speed up the process.

Hopefully one of these tools/resources possibly help with your photography business!

Awesome and informative post! People just don’t realize how many tools we use to manage our photography businesses! 🙂 I’ve been considering BlogStomp—glad to know that you recommend it!

Thanks for these photog tips; I’m definitely going to try out Planoly!