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Even though I used Mom Boss in the title, I want to make it clear that this morning routine can work for dad bosses, girl bosses, boss bosses alike!

Pre Morning Routine

Do you like to drink your coffee when it’s still hot? Do you like have a quiet work environment where you can think freely? Or do you find it super fun chasing after your toddler while you try to send out invoice, contracts, and timelines? If you answered yes to one, the first two question do I have a gift for you boo! You may not like it. Honestly, you may even resent me for it, but mannnn has it changed my business around. What is this gift you ask? What has me so excited that I felt the need to make an entire blog post about it? Waking up hella early boo!

I already know that after you read that last line, you rolled your eyes something terrible! But, stay with me, friend as I am going to break this down for the both of us! I was getting up an hour a before my son and going to bed 3-5 hours after him every night trying to get work done. During the day I would try to manage my daily tasks, stay on top of my schedule and you know take care of my son all at the same dang time! Do you see the multitasking hot messery that was my everyday life?

(And before I continue, yes Ayden does have a babysitter, so any lectures about that can end here! You can keep the judgment and mom shaming at a zero, thanks) 

The last thing I wanted to do was work after spending the day chasing, teaching, and hiding my snacks from my son. There I was, working super late and getting up super early and I felt the weight of it all. Can you imagine my quality of sleep? Not very good! Not to mention the fact that at the end of the day, I’m exhausted I spent the entire day giving another human my all and STILL have 20 things left on my todo list! And don’t even get me started on making time for myself!  Something had to give, and it was me and schedule or lack thereof!

My Mom Boss Morning Routine

Recently I was challenged to wake up early. And by early I mean 4 am! I wasn’t too happy about the idea at first, but I knew that the direction that I was heading was not a good one as far as time management. Plus the person sounded pretty convincing and said that I would get loads of work done.

The first couple of days were hard I hit the snooze button on my phone as if it had done me wrong y’all! “You’re waking me up? Oh no, I’m going back to bed!” Then I would remember the dang challenge and finally was out of bed by 4:30 am. I would finally get up, wash my face, brush my teeth, read a chapter or two of my favorite book, meditate and finally get to work. I would use the Focus Keeper app to keep me on a timer once I started working. And let me tell you, friend, shit gets DONE now before my son even wakes up.

For those of you who like lists, it looks a little something like this:

  1. 3-4 am – wake up, drink a glass of water
  2.  15min – wash face, brush teeth, put hair in mom boss bun
  3.  20mins – Read and/or mediate
  4. work using the focus keeper app to hold me accountable to one task at a time (repeat until human wakes up)

Things Are Getting Done, Boo!

Not only are things getting done, but I am also getting time for myself now! It’s like the mom boss heaven has opened up and made me an official member. Okay, for real though I am far more patient with my son and I can spend time with him and be fully present. I’m not responding to that email, or creating that post I am giving him my all! Maybe it’s the little bit of me time, and perhaps it’s because I am looking at and starting the day with a fresh set of eyes. Either way, I am so happy with this routine, and now I am waking up at 3-3: 30 am ready to conquer my day.

I now challenge you, my dear friend, to wake up a few hours earlier and start your day off like a boss!

Kendra Lynece


Oh wow…this is great information–and you are hilarious! 🙂 I will admit that it would probably be beneficial for me to get up earlier as well. I have 3 little ones and currently get up at 6 am. 4 am sounds a tad bit intimidating, though. I may have to try an hour earlier at 5 to see how that works out…lol. Thanks for the great tip!

This is so funny to me because I lay in bed this morning I was thinking “Tasha you should have gotten up early”. I have wedding images to get done AND I haven’t been to the gym in a week. This 20lbs aren’t gonna lose themselves. This blog might be confirmation.

Really?! You’ve got this boo! Girl I haven’t worked out in like two solid weeks! I may need you as my accountability partner.

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