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How To Get People To Connect To Your Personal Brand | Kendra Lynece
Michigan, Wedding Photography

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Hey friends, today we’re talking all about How To Get People To Connect To Your Personal Brand.

Cue The Anxiety Y’all!

Can I be real with you? I do not like posting about myself on social media! There I said it! Whew!  Every introverted cell in my body cringes as I hit post y’all! Dramatic? Maybe, but it’s my truth! So why do I do it? Well, keep reading dear friend an hold tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!!

How To Get People To Connect To Your Personal Brand.

“Oh hey, Kendra.” “It’s nice to meet you finally.” “There’s my girl; it’s nice to see your face.” Those are some of the comments left on my IG as I started to post more images of myself. And let me tell you the slight anxiety of allowing strangers into my world was too real y’all! But then it clicked after many conversations with mentos people only see legit 1-2% of your life and what they do see is a curated version of your life. How is that? Well, you’re the CEO of your social media account, and you have the final say so.

I’ve also learned that it helps people connect to us as a person and not just the brand. Yes, we all take some pretty dope photos! That wedding you photographed last weekend at the winery, we love it!!! The engagement session you photographed in downtown Detroit was so dope! But what about you? But ummm, is there an actual person in there? How do I get to know the person I’m following and build trust with you if I don’t even know anything about you? Remember people are more likely to book from someone they trust and somewhat know than a stranger.


Photographers, start sharing actual personality! You know, instead of  these captions on Facebook and Instagram “oh this wedding was so perfect” or “I’m so blessed to do what I love….book me for your big day.” For real! You’re asking for a sale but not offering any information about you personally, your business or even your favorite summer drink. I can promise you boo, your friends (followers) can see right through that. Stop asking for people to book you without giving them any value first. Show up, smile, talk about your summer, your hard work day and be yourself boo! I have no problem talking about battling depression, anxiety, and the works. Why because it’s real and we all go through it one way or another! We need to stop being afraid all the time and own our truth!


Listen friend; I know showing up isn’t easy and even slightly uncomfortable. However, we have to step out of our comfort zone on a regular basis if we’re going to get the results we want. Let’s be real you may lose a bunch of friends (followers) at first! I lost almost 300 when I started showing up in my brand, and I held that door open for them! Why? Well, they were never going to buy from me in the first place. So I say see you boo, have a great life! You can do it, friend, I believe in you so much! And if you need help or have any questions, I am only an email away!


Kendra Lynece


Tempestt Williams

Thank you for this post I am just starting out and this is something I struggle with on a daily. Like how much information do I share with others but being relatable is probably this best thing I can do.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know!

This is true! This is part of the reason I haven’t even started yet with blogging and why I stop posting about my art work!

Oh no love! I hope you’re encouraged to keep going! Just start right where you are!

I’ve connected with a lot of clients (in person) by sharing a common thread, but have yet to make the jump to doing so online. Good advice!

The internet has people that are waiting to be apart of your tribe! You’ve got this!

Soooo true! This is so on point! We have to step outside of our comfort zones.

Girl! This post is so on point. This is something I actually struggle a lot with! I hate posting photos of myself or extremely personal captions, but I know that people need to actually get to know me better. This is something I hope to get more comfortable with. 🙂

You can do it! I know it’s hard putting yourself out there but your followers just want to be able to connect to you as a person. Show them your, you!

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