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Hey friends!

Meet one of my new photog friends a Holland and West Michigan senior, engagement and wedding photographer Amy Kim! Amy is having a bit of a hard time, and I am attempting to make her smile with this post. If you follow my work on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll see that I’ve been doing a MUCH better job about being in front of the camera. And this is where Miss Amy comes in y’all! Amy has taken most of the photos that you see of me on social media and I couldn’t be more grateful if I tried! Anywho let’s get into a know this lovely Holland photographer a little bit better shall we?

Amy Kim // Amy Kim Photography

To get these super random facts about the Amy, I called her on made her spill the beans on the spot. No pressure right? HA!

  • Amy is a little ambidextrous – She’s primarily left-handed does day to day tasks with her right.
  • Amy comes from a HUGE family. We’re talking 60 cousins and a week-long family reunion yall!
  • Amy love loves LOVEEESSSS Danny Brown a local Detroit musician. If he has an upcoming show, Amy is there front row and center.

And last but not least, Amy is a bomb photographer! She photographs seniors, couples and recently started getting into wedding photography as well! Check out her work y’all at www.amykimphotography.com.


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She uses a Canon y’all! I told her to go with Nikon but nooooooo……. HA! 

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Coffee is a photographer’s best friend! 

hawaiian photographer, hawaiian wedding photographer

Whoa derrr Hawaiian photographer lady! Way to show your inner Tyra girl!! 

A live photo of Amy ignoring me to speak to her clients during her branding session! Get it boo! 


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