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Shout out to Grand Rapids Boo!


The forecast said it was going to be sunny this day, however, in true Michigan fashion, it rained, all day! Y’all I had knots in my stomach! But I knew, I had to make the most of this weather situation because I had so many people counting on me. You see my friend, this past spring I hosted a shootout for local photographers and let me tell you we had a BLAST! The shoot included two ‘engagement sessions” and a headshot and let me tell you it was DIRT CHEAP!  I wanted to take a second to showcase one of the couples from the session.

Okay well, they aren’t exactly a real couple but these two made the rainy grand rapids backdrop work! I am so thankful to have so many talented friends(the models) in my life that are willing to go above and beyond for me and these crazy dreams of mine.

What’s Next?

Well boo, where do I begin? I am working super hard at creating content for photographers (especially introverted photographers) where we discuss things like editing, branding, social media and how to be confident during your sessions. I am also working on a few other projects that may or may not include a stylized wedding and more.

Until then I want to share my love and appreciation for all the models, photographers, my second shooter Jasmine, Amanda M and of course the wonderful city of Grand Rapids for another fantastic location. Alright y’all let’s get to a few of the photos for the session.

Kendra Lynece

Even in the rain, Grand Rapids is beautiful! 

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