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Hey friends!

Today we’re speaking with Ali Nicole she owns the stunning and modern luxurious bridal boutique Ali Nicole Bridal located in downtown Grand Rapids Michigan. Let me tell you friends, Ali’s bridal shop had this wedding photographer spinning with excitement and creativity!  Ali was super kind enough to allow me to take photos in her shop and answer a few questions for you fabulous readers.


Y’all before we get to the interview check out Ali Nicole Bridal promo video by fabulous videographer: Gabby Hulst Storytelling located in West Michigan.


Sitting Down With Ali Nicole Bridal

What was your inspiration for your shop?

I wanted a place that was super open and airy and very clean. A place that would be welcoming, I don’t like those places that are just super claustrophobic. I just really wanted a space where people could walk around, take pictures, and be comfortable while they are shopping for their gown.

How would you describe an ideal Ali Nicole Bride?

An ideal bride would be laid back, very stylish, but also very chic. She’s not trying too hard, she’s being very effortless and trying to be herself. I think that’s the most important thing on your wedding day is just to be yourself. You want to feel comfortable.

Any tips for taking care of your gown before your wedding day?

I would definitely say steam If you have any of those wrinkles, just try to get those out. Hang it up, make it look pretty and just enjoy the dress before the big day because it goes by really fast. You will only wear your wedding gown once in your life. Get it out and enjoy it.


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Ali Nicole Bridal Shop location: 52 Monroe Center St NW Grand Rapids, MI 49503 hello@alinicolebridal.com


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Those Harriet Wilde embellished wedding heels though!

Like I said this West Michigan photographer fell in love with this bridal boutique’s modern and sophisticated style!


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And the lovely and classic Sara Gabriel bridal earrings. 


Thank you once again Ali Nicole Bridal for being so kindhearted and spending the morning with me!


You can follow Ali Nicole Bridal on Instagram @alinicolebridal or Facebook at Ali Nicole Bridal

Sara Gabriel
Web: https://saragabriel.com/
Instagram: @saragabrielveils 
Facebook: Sara Gabriel Veils
Harriet Wilde
Web: https://www.harrietwilde.com/
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Gabby Hulst 
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