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Fear, Rejection + A Wedding Photographer…

(…and how to overcome it!) 


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Hey boo!

It’s time for another personal post! The type of blog post where I get all sappy, happy, and preachy! Right? YUP! Today, I wanted to open up about fear and rejection. Yes, I said it REJECTION!

I know talking about what we’re afraid of is a big ‘no, no’ in our society. However, I am all about the hard topics! You see most people fear failure and doing things wrong and there’s me. I honestly feared (and still do) succeeding! As crazy as that sounds boo it’s a REAL THING!

You see I’ve was told no so often, that not only did I come to expect it.  I also lived in the comfortable no cocoon home that I put myself in. Why? Because then I had an excuse not to try or work harder. I could stay in that cocoon watch netflix.  I watched as other photographer friends build their dream businesses and lifestyles while I laid there eating vegan ice cream conviving myself that it’ll never happen to me.

What Fear + Rejection Looks Like

Publishers – Your shoot or wedding isn’t fit for our blog. (Grabs a spoon.) 

Potential Bride – We’re going to go with someone else as our wedding photographer. (Grab’s ice cream out of the freezer.) 

Vendors – I’m sorry, but our styles don’t mesh, however, maybe we can work together in the future. (Turns on Netflix.)

Social Media – No one is engaging with my posts and I can’t get anymore followers. (Wraps up in a blanket cocoon and plans on hibernating like a bear.) 

But what I would miss during these moments was the blessing in disguise. I may not have booked the bride, but that only means she wasn’t the bride for me to book. The vendors may not want to work with me not, but if I work hard enough, they may see me at a wedding in the future.


It is so easy to live in rejection that you completely miss out the lesson!

In the back of my head I always knew…if they say yes then I have to do xyz or abc! Then what? What happens after that? If they say yes, what else comes with it? What if I don’t measure up? What if I do well and I have to go back and do it again? Y’all I was already playing all the things that could go right or wrong while still being in that dan cocoon on the couch. Mhmmm! Full blown anxiety because I couldn’t control the outcome, but in reality, I didn’t want to. I wanted to stay right where I was because then I felt like I had the right to complain.


My life and business only changed when I got off of the couch and stopped being afraid of hearing the word yes! When I faced the ridiculous cycles of self-sabotage and entitlement to complaints that go along with it. It’s not easy! In fact, there are days where I would love to go back into the cocoon, but I’ve come too far!


And you dear friend, you’ve made it this far in your journey! Don’t stay in the cocoon! The world needs to see you and your pretty wings.

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