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Confessions Of A Single Mom and Entrepreneur (Mompreneur)

(why yes, I did watch “13 Reasons Why”)


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Hello, friends on the interweb!


Today I am feeling compelled to share a little more into my life as a single mom and entrepreneur, or as the internet calls it: mompreneur. And honestly, it’s probably because I  finished season 2 of 13 Reasons Why…but let’s go with it!

Now before I continue to write this, I feel as though I need to add that I am no way shape or for complaining. I am merely just sharing some of the struggles of this life that other #mompreneur #mombosses come to know so well. Also, I will not tolerate any mom-shaming what so ever! We already have it hard enough!

As I sit here writing this post at 10:30 pm Sunday, I am in bed with my wide-awake toddler. Who is apparently, is going through some type of toddler sleep regression that no one told me even existed. His bedtime is typically 8:00 pm y’all and I swear he is acting as if I gave him two suckers and a push pop!

Let’s get this straight being a mom is hard work and one of the hardest things I ever had to do! (Right up there with breastfeeding y’all!) I am constantly exhausted, and all the pressure is on me, daily. I wish I could have someone to put my son to bed this night, or not have to stress about sitters, doctors appointments and the works all alone but I do. Not only do I have to maintain Ayden’s appointments but I have a calendar full of sessions and weddings. And it can get HECTIC lol! And by hectic, I mean eat a tub of ice cream, drink a glass of wine,  and binge on Netflix all while hoping and praying you didn’t fail your child or world today; kinda hectic.

I am also incredibly grateful! I have not missed any key moments in my son’s life what so ever nor doctors appointment or playdates. I was there when he crawled for the first time and took his first steps. When he gets hurt or feels sad, I am the one that he comes running to because he knows and trusts me. (He also doesn’t let me play with his toys very often, but that’s a different story.)

The point is that there are plenty of reasons why I am stressed, but there are even more reasons why I am blessed.  I will forever be thankful to my clients past and present for allowing me to not a beat with my favorite little human.


Much love and shout out to all you mompreneurs out there killing it for you and your little ones!

Kendra Lynece




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