Hey friends!

Today I decided to step out of my comfort zone and share some images near and dear to my heart. Photos of my favorite little human on earth Ayden! You see Harmony came from Ludington to help me with a wedding in Grand Rapids. Our first “official” wedding together but I’ll save that story that for a different day! I asked Harmony if she would be willing to take photos of Ayden and me and clearly, she said yes.

I’m sure you know by now I love him more than the number of stars in the galaxy! And I’m sure I’ve said this before but everyday this little man amazes me! From the number of times, he ignores me when I say “No!” all the way to, the sweet little kisses he will give me to distract me from a giant mess he made all over the floor. But seriously there is hardly ever a dull moment with this little man and his excitement and passion for learning and breaking almost everything keeps me on my toes.

When Harmony captured the love that I have for my son on camera. Speaking as a mother and photographer, I am always behind the lens photographing him. Don’t get me wrong boo I  love it, however, I do understand the importance of showing up in images with my son. So when Ayden gets older, he will have these photos to share with his children. Not only that, but Ayden will also be able to look back and say “Oh wow, this is what I looked like as a baby!” “Aww, this is what it looked like when mom would kiss and hug me!” “Mom, why did you dress me like that? What were you thinking?” You know friend, the same questions we ask out parents!

In all seriousness, Ayden won’t remember these days, but I will. But thanks to Harmony and her skills Ayden will forever be able to revisit this day through the photographs.

Thank you again, Harmony for documenting these moments with my son! I will cherish these images for the rest of my life!

Photos taken by Harmony Noel Photography and edited by me.

Ayden + Mommy Photos

And last but not least the beautiful Harmony and handsome Ayden!