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Hey everyone!

I’m Harmony, and today I am taking over Kendra’s blog! I am so happy to speak with all of you and give a little back story about me and how Kendra and I started working together.

I was born in Ludington Michigan and raised in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula. Living “way” up north was a wonderland for a child who loves the outdoors and beautiful scenery. Lakes, woods, hiking, boats, water, you name it, it was all right there in the middle of nowhere. Going to a University in Southern Wisconsin allowed me to experience a different layout of land and experience more city life such as Milwaukee and Chicago.

Being where from the middle of nowhere this was like a whole new world to me, but it opened up a whole new mindset of work and numerous opportunities. I attended Maranatha Baptist University and received a degree in Digital Media with my concentration being on photography. Growing up, taking pictures was one of my favorite things to do. I began doing senior portraits when I was still in high school, and my love for the art continued to grow. I knew from there that this is what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Throughout college, I continued to learn more and more and could not wait to get out and start working on my own to see what I could do and how I could show forth everything I had been learning for the last two years.

During the middle of the semester, I was looking for someone that I could be under and learn from in my first summer starting out on my own. I did some searching around and looking for the best photographers in the area. That’s when I came across Kendra. Looking at her business page it was clear to see that she was doing an excellent job with her business and she had lots of clients trying to get in touch with her. She showed to be very successful, and her images were beautiful.

I did not have super high expectations, but I was praying for a miracle as I sent out an email, and Facebook message to Kendra asking her if she would be interested in taking on an intern. She somehow found me in the mix of her other daily emails, and we set up a day to have a phone interview. Anticipating the day, and watching the clock count down to when I could call, I was excited and nervous as ever. Immediately upon talking with her, I felt comfortable, and she made me feel like I was her best friend. After a long conversation, she told me that I was the newest member of her team. I could not have been happier to hear this news, and now over a month later, I am a lot farther along that I thought I would be at this time. She has taught me so many vital things as to how to start my business from the smallest elements, to the other tasks I could have never of seen possible.

Kendra has provided me with great opportunities and has shown me her love for photography through her ability and knowledge to capture love stories.  Now relocating back to Ludington and working with Kendra, I know that my business will be greater than it would have ever been now working one on one with Kendra and gaining her knowledge and ability to interact with people in the business world of photography.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I cannot wait to share more of my journey with Kendra Lynece Photography with all you!

Check out some of my recent work below! 🙂

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