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Hey friends,

Today we’re talking about taking a break!

Oh, how we need to make time for our bodies and mind!


I recently took a 2-week absence from all things social media and man I have to admit it was refreshing.

To be completely transparent it was NOT by choice. However, it was a much needed cleanse my mind and body so desperately needed. As an entrepreneur, we can get so sucked into social media and the logistics of growing our brand and catering to our tribe that we forget about taking care of ourselves. I can so admit friend that taking a break from all things social media is so much easier said than done. If you can, please take a day schedule your posts and log the hell off! FOR REAL!


Give yourself some much deserved TLC!

Yes, being a business owner can be fun, but it also can be tough and draining on your mind and body. So let’s all make a promise to take at least one day (okay start with a half day for all you workaholics lol) and love you boo! Get a massage, a mani-pedi, go for a walk/run whatever the hell it is that puts you at ease DO THAT! You can’t give your business or your clients the love and care they deserve if you’re not properly taking care of yourself as well. You can do this boo! And please believe me when I say……



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