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JASMINE STAR social curator images, destination wedding photographer Y’all JASMINE STAR!!!!

Blogging world, friends, fam, and universe let me tell you the amazingness that just transpired! Today I almost keyword ALMOST went live with one of my all-time photographer and Instagram GOAT heroes Jasmine Star! If you know me, and I mean really know me you know that this woman has been one of my longtime photographer and social media guru! I’ve followed her journey with her blog, Creative Live and even now with her amazing Social Curator platform.


Jasmine Star has helped 1000s of photographers and entrepreneurs in her career including myself. She breaks social media and business down to the simplest of terms all while remaining true to herself! If you have a chance check out her blog, you’ll find countless tips on social media, branding and more! And creative friends if you need help on social media with captions and images check out Jasmine Star’s Social Curator like for real though you’ll love it!

Okay so I legit wrote this out of pure excitement so please excuse me while I go freak out!


Jasmine Star Resources:

Social Curator: http://mysocialcurator.com/

Blog: https://jasminestar.com/blog/

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