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Why I Travel With My Son.... | Kendra Lynece: Best Grand Rapids Michigan African American Wedding Photographers
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Why I Travel With My Son…

Let me start off by saying that traveling is NOT EASY! And once you add in a baby to mix of long lines, flight delays and plane rides, it sometimes takes a toll on the both of you. But I honestly believe that it has been 100% worth it! Growing up my family and I never had the opportunity to travel. There was no such thing as, long family road trips out of state but we did have small trips to the beach. My parents worked their butts off to pay the bills and provide for their three daughters and I am forever indebted to them because of this.

Yet, I’ve always wanted to see the world. The idea of stay at the same boring job my whole life just to pay bills and die never sat right with me. I would follow other amazing photographers and their travel adventures and hoped that one day that too would become me. In 2016 I found out I was pregnant with my son Ayden. And let me tell you it was not an easy pregnancy by any means! During the last trimester, I was put on bed rest and I went STIR-CRAZY! But it was in that moment I promised my son and myself that we would travel together and see what the world had to offer. And just like that, it happened! I worked my butt off and booked work outside of Michigan! Ayden at the age of 1, has been able to live a little bit of the life that took me most of my life (2015 to be exact) to experience.

He has been to a few different stats already and travels as if he has been doing it his whole life. Honestly, he smiles at people as they walk past him, laughs and talks to people at the airports, and sleeps during most of the flights. Don’t get me wrong he has his moments where he has had enough but its usually nothing Mickey Mouse and gram crackers or nursing can’t fix. Even though people are annoyed that there is a “baby on their flight” or show pity or disgust towards us. I honestly don’t let it get to me because I set out a mission to create and have more experiences in our lives and its happening. And I more than honored to share this adventure with him.

Yes, I know he won’t remember these moments but the point is that they still happened. I’ll have the photos in his baby book albums and stories to share with him as he gets older. I truly believe, that life is about sharing experiences with the people you love and who better to share these moments with than my own son.




I also love to travel. That is awesome that you are living out your dream and that you are able to take your son with you on your adventures. Happy travels!

What a cute blog post! 🙂 Traveling as a family is a fun experience!

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