Tips From Brides On How To Stay Organized While Planning A Wedding Day

 How To Stay Organized While Planning A Wedding!

Congratulations, you’re engaged!!!

It’s time to start planning your wedding. That means meetings with vendors, phone calls, contracts, groomsmen, bridesmaids, dresses, deposits and more!! Ugghhh the stress is too real!

We all know the key to a successful event is the planning. With everything going on, how do you stay organized while planning your big day? Guess what?! I’ve compiled tips from former brides on what helped them stay organized while planning their weddings.

Now you can take a deep breath, drink some coffee, and read some fantastic tips from former brides.

What The Brides Said:

“For me, it was all about having a wedding binder! And I didn’t buy one of the fancy ones either. Just take pics of them so you can get some ideas on how to organize your own and have fun creating your own. Make sure to get divider inserts (preferably with folders) and get sheet protectors to keep your contracts in so they don’t fall out or get messy.” –Natasha M.

“I used the Knot’s wedding binder. it has everything sorted out, questions to ask, budgets, everything. I had inserts for handouts, prices, quotes etc that I used for when I interviewed my vendors. I also had a journal that I kept with me at all times in case I thought of something I would write it down. All this stuff is now with my wedding things in a scrapbook!” –Tara P. 

“What worked for me was post it notes and alarms on my phone. I use my phone to organize pretty everything so it just made sense to use it when planning my wedding.” –Pam V.

“I kept a simple small folder of important paperwork and contracts. I used a website called thumbtack to book a few vendors, Pinterest for decor ideas, and kept it simple. I made quite a few decor items myself so it was very personal but very elegant. My now husband was out on fires when I met with the majority of the vendors so that was stuff. The venue Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens has a wonderful staff that handled everything!!!!! And a wonderful photographer who made it very easy to get through the day of the wedding.” – Aimee W. 


There you have it, a few tips from brides that will hopefully help you plan and stay organized while planning your big day!

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