dubsado for photographers best crm system Dubsado For The Win! - 5 Reasons Why Dubsado Is The Best CRM For Photographers Running a business is hard. There so much to remember and manage so keeping track of it all can be not only frustrating but overwhelming. I am grateful to find a program that helps me with my business and client management.


Dubsado goal is to make your business workflow not only easier but time and cost effective. And I can certainly say that they have successfully succeeded at doing both. I’ll be honest with you I have a hoorrible memory! Seriously! My friends and family complain about it all of the time. Which, makes running my business a little hard at times. So I am so thankful for this system that not only helps me keep track but also build my workflow.

Here are a few more reasons why I love using Dubsado. I also have a referral code at the bottom of the post if you are interested in trying Dubsado and receiving 20% off of your first month! 

1.Leads Capture

Dubsado has a lead capture form that you can easily build and embedded onto any page of your website. Once the lead form is filled out it is immediately put into dubsado where you can also mark the leads as “cold”, “warm”, “hot” based on if you believe they will book with you.


2. Building Forms.

Look no one likes making or creating forms, it’s annoying and can be time-consuming! So when I started my trial and it took only a few minutes to create my questionnaire I was hooked. Not only are the forms super easy to build but they can match your brand! As a creative business owner, having a brand that is consistent is extremely essential. So when I can easily build forms that I can customize to my brand style that’s a huge win in my book!


3. Bookkeeping

Okay, let’s be honest! The struggle is too real when keeping track finances. Luckily with this system, you are easily able to keep track of the ins and outs of your business. Making tax quarters, 100xs easier.


4. Clients

My clients love being able to fill out the forms and contracts so quickly on their phone. Gone are the days where you have mail, scan or fax contracts and forms. Not only am I saving trees (cue typical vegan comment ha!) but I’m also making my job and the clients easier as well.


5, Customer Service

When you are making an investment into another business one of the thing we all pay attention to is their customer service. Now there was another CRM system that I was thinking of investing in and they offered little to no customer service. The only way you would receive any help is with purchasing one of their larger packages. With Dubsado, they are quick to answer the phone and help any way they that can. Their customer service team is even willing to input 10 forms and contracts for you! If that isn’t fantastic customer service I don’t know what is.

This post barely scratched the surface you can learn more about the program and tryKendra out the trial at www.dubsado.com. I also have a referral code that will allow you to receive 20% off your first month of Dubsado. The code is “kendralynece”.


Use the code “kendralynece” for 20% off your first month of Dubsado!

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If you have any questions about Dubsado I would love to help. You can ask in the comment section or even emailing me at hello@kendralynece.com

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Thanks for this! I was going to research dubsado and this post just gave me a lot of good info.

Will def have to look into this! Thanks for the info!