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What inspires me?

I have been asked quite a bit lately what inspires me as an artist and truth be told,  I really didn’t have an answer. So I sat back and had to reeeaaally ask myself the same exact question. It used to be that I would run to fashion magazines, music or other photographers for inspiration, but I don’t find myself doing that much anymore. Of course I still look to these things for creativity and knowledge, but it doesn’t really make me want to pick up my camera and plan a huge photo shoot like it used to. I found that I am truly inspired by the people that I have in my life. I know this sounds a little cliché, but hear me out.

The people that inspire me don’t all have the same goals or aspirations in life. Most of them, believe it or not; aren’t even photographers. What really gets me are people just trying to be the best possible person that they can for themselves and/or their families. I have family/friends that strive to be a great wife/ husband, mother/father, sister/brother, daughter/son, artist, worker, believer and just a great overall person. We are all human; destined to fail and make mistakes. I sometimes think that we forget that it is actually okay to make them. You have no idea  how many times I have been ready to give up photography or my business based off some of the mistakes I’ve made. Really! As much as I love being a photographer the business side…..is well business, and I have definitely made my fair share of ‘hiccups’. Thankfully I have been able to learn and grow from them with lots help from my loved ones who continue to push and believe in me.

Its those who aren’t afraid to make mistakes, who brush them off and come back even stronger that make me want to be a better person and artist. Think about how many times you have heard someones story of survival or moving on and how it made you get up and actually view your life/situation in a different light? I am so blessed that God has placed so many people like that in my life. They keep working and giving their all even if they feel as though they have nothing to gain.  I just hope and pray that one day I can inspire people to never give up no matter what their goals maybe in life.

Kendra Lynece


I miss you.
Even though we barely know each other.
We’ve barely talked.
Just met.
Even though I saw you a week ago.
It was like love at first sight
To me, at least.
All I know is that
I need you.
Even though the miscommunications that Happened
Caused a lot of stress and worry.
Even though you have two other “wives”.
Even though this might seem stalkerish.
Even though I feel left out
When other girls call your name
Then look at me as if I’m a little fly.
I know you’ll come through.
I promise to.
Don’t forget me.
I’m sorry.

You, my love, are amazing. We haven't known each other long, or know each other a whole lot… but I love ya, and I love all of the work that you have done and how strong you are!! Keep up the good work!!!!!

By the way, this is my blog account I am writing this with, haha.

You are such an awesome young lady! I'm so glad that I've had the privilege of meeting you!

Thank you Dionne! I am so happy to have you apart of my life now.

Awesome women of the Art of Photography!

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